love nick!!!

yay another nick comm..BOOM!

ugh i love that man....so funny and adorable..any funny nick fans wanna friend me?

im sure you all rock like he does to even LIKE his humour.

and does anyone know if he really IS gay? he just always implies it
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[Justified] Tim

22 Benchwarmers Icons

I can't believe it took me this long to find this com! I've been a fan of Nick since Malibu's Most Wanted. Anyway, I come bearing Benchwarmers icons, because he nearly made me piss my pnts from laughing so hard more than once in this movie!

22 Benchwarmers Icons (mostly Howie)


(You can eat the thin mints at my funeral.)

PS: Did anyone else know he helped write this movie?
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Corpse Bride

Colour bars...

I LOVE Nick Swardson! I was inspired by some of my favourite comedians to make some colour bars. I'll only post my Nick ones here but I also have Brian Regan, Dane Cook, and Pablo Francisco colour bars on my personal graphics page (crystalgraphics) so check those out too!

Nick Swardson [2]

Comment + credit if taking.

Click here for colour barsCollapse )

Check out my personal graphics page (crystalgraphics) for more updates. I might not post every single new colour bar in these communities but I will definitely post them there.
Story of my life


this isn't nick related and i don't mean to waste space buttttt...

I have 100 gmail invites. I know by now a ton of people have gmail and a ton of gmail invites also, but if you don't and want one, comment here with your email address and i'll send one asap.

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ive seen too many things

there is only one good thing that came out of MN, and thats nick swardson

i have a thing with that state, you know stalkers, hunters, murderers, etc...

but i love nick.. my favourite part of his comedy bit on comedy central was when he was planning his funeral and he wanted to send $5000 to a random actor like John Stamos and have them just show up, cry at the casket, and then leave, and all his friends and family would be upset and crying then suddenly..
'is that John Stamos?' 'did Nick know John Stamos? was his last name Stamos? then his body wouldnt be in the casket but then electronica music would start playing and he would come down on wires all trancing out.. and his mom would be 'what sort of stuff was nick into!?!?!?'

best ever.

i love him

i wonder if he will ever tour phoenix.. does anyone have tour dates?
i heard he wrote a script with the guy from napoleon dynamite to star from cheapasair
i shall have to investigate.

oh and im new.
so hi and things
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